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The Glory of Rhondalis

      “My Lady, I have answered your call.” The voice belonged to a man, about forty years of age, garbed in a simple woolen cloak that concealed his face. He stood alone in a room bathed in the many-hued colors of light that streamed through tall stained glass windows. His eyes stared at the dais in the center of the room – a brilliant golden sun lay embossed in the stone floor. The dais erupted into a pillar of light, as bright and golden as the sun below, and the room was filled with an unearthly, feminine voice –
      “Dearest Blessed, bathe in my Light.” At once, the man dropped to his knees and crossed himself with the motions of a Rhondalis priest.
      “My Lady, for what honor have you summoned me?”
      “To show you the evils that walk in this world. Two of our children have been slain by a conjurer of the dead and his cohorts.”
The light surrounded the priest and flooded into him – through his ears, his nose, his mouth. His eyes curled backwards and he fell on the floor, writhing…

      He saw a small party was traveling towards a crypt entrance, through a swamp. They were being chased by giant frog creatures. At the crypt entrance, one of the party made a wall of light to hold off the frogs. He heard in his mind the voice of his Goddess murmur, “The blessed Lux, wielding my Ring.” The light wall shattered and a Rhondalis paladin cut down one of the frogs. Luthor, a paladin of our order.” The rest of the party were trying to get past the locked stone doors into the crypt. Lux crafted a hammer of light and smashed another frog. Together, Lux and Luthor held off the frogs until the doors could be pushed open. The group proceeded into the crypt and shut the doors behind them – the frogs were locked out, but they were locked in.

      He saw a bard – Baldrick, a Lizardman scout – Amon, the two children of Rhondalis, a druid –
Nils, and a necromancer – the witch-priest Malus. The group, led by Malus, descended into the crypt. They entered a room with three small pillars. Upon each pillar, a spirit appeared. Three brothers, killed in a bid for the crown of a long-lost kingdom, asked for the rightful king to be crowned. Malus took the exit out of the chamber and the rest followed, bickering and arguing over what should be done. This was the royal crypt of Galgara.

      They entered a room filled with caskets. A large, stone statue stood in each corner. There was a stone door at the other end of the room, but they could not open it. Lux used the Ring of Rhondalis to obliterate the stone and make a passage, blanketing the room in smoke and dust. At the same time, the stone statues awoke – the height of a man and sworn to defend the tombs of their forgotten masters. Luthor and Lux fought the golems while the rest of the party fled through the smoking hole.

      “Watch the witch-priest.” He felt his mind’s eye jerk towards where the others had fled. They ran down the tunnels and through the darkness, until they found themselves in a large chamber. Three bodies and a crown lay on raised pedestals. Malus picked up the crown, ignoring his companions, and placed it on the mummified remains of the eldest brother. The idiot’s actions summoned a Lich – a dark creature of necromantic power. Mocking their stupidity, the newly risen Lich-King of Galgara attacked the group. Only with the arrival of Lux and Luthor did the tide turn. The Lich-King was defeated.

      Baldrick, Amon, and Nils filled their pockets with treasures from the lost kingdom – gold, tapestries, coin, and gems. They left through a hidden exit out of the crypt. Lux and Luthor stayed behind with Malus, cautioning him against his actions. Malus was intent on finding a relic of the lost empire; the Gauntlet of Galgara, said to grant incredible powers over life and death to whomever wore it. Unbeknownst to him, Lux and Luthor were looking for the very same. “It was their holy quest to destroy that foul artifact.”

      Alas, the idiot Malus found the gauntlet first. He placed it upon his hand and the crown upon his head, before turning to attack the children of Rhondalis. A terrible battle occurred. Malus could not be killed by mortal weapons – his powers kept him alive even as the blessed weapons of Rhondalis cut into his flesh. Lux threw himself onto the witch-priest and unleashed the glory of Rhondalis. The Ring exploded into a brilliant sun. The Rift. You have heard of it. This was the start.”

      The priest found himself back in the sunlit room, choking and sobbing. He heard the voice continue, “They were all destroyed. The witch-priest, Lux, and our brother Luthor. My chosen died to stop that fool. His cohorts escaped. I want them hunted.”
      He gathered himself and rose to his full height. For a moment he was unsteady but he brushed himself off, coughed one last time, and stood tall.
      “My Lady, thy Will be done.” The pillar of light disappeared in a blinding flash. He turned and walked out of the room, pushing through two great doors of oak. They shut behind him with a loud crash. He stood in a large council room. Twelve cloaked figures looked at him expectantly. “Summon the witch-hunters. Our Lady demands justice.”


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