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To the exalted Benefactor, their eyes only:

Among the others I am considering for this expedition, Amon has been the most difficult to investigate. As you know, he is a thief, alchemist, and occasional smuggler. No one was willing to divulge any specifics regarding his exploits to an outsider such as myself. He was of the Thieves Guild but has since been excommunicated. Within the rumors, the only fact I could discern was he was exiled from the Thieves Guild because he killed the former guild master. Whether or not Amon discovered his former guild master had just declared his loyalty to you is unknown. At present, it is safe to assume the Thieves Guild is hunting Amon. They must have something he needs because word has it he is searching for a way back into the guild’s ranks. Our contacts have informed me that he may be searching for something or someone. If that is the case, the guild’s renowned information network and resources may be what he needs. Depending on how the expedition goes, we may be able to offer him similar resources in exchange for his knowledge of the guild’s inner workings.

In spite of his severed ties to the guild, Amon has a vast personal network. Smugglers, thieves that still value his friendship, a handful of fences, a few courtesans, one assassin, and the occasional nobleman. As of yet, nobody stands out as effective leverage to be used to coerce him. He is often seen in the company of Baldric, a bard whom I am also considering for the expedition. Regardless of their relationship, if we can successfully recruit one, it will be easier to recruit the other.

Amon’s life before the guild is a mystery at this point, but inconsequential to our goals. It is his abilities we need, not his story. Those abilities, and how he has used them, make Amon a dangerous individual. That being said, he is young, headstrong, and not immune to taking foolish risks.

Yours truly,

Malus Von Drak


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