Windsor is port town on the coast of the Great River of Salia. Known for it’s perpetual winds and rocky harbor full of sunken ships and other hazards. Only the most experienced sailors can successfully navigate into and out of its port. The townspeople are a very proud and superstitious folk. Because the land around them is rocky and inarable, save for a few precious spots, the town relies largely on their fishermen for food and trade. As such, the town nearly worships their fishermen and every boy is taught the ins and outs of sailing at an early age.

The people of Windsor have many names for wind, the worst being “Malvente” meaning evil-wind. Legend tells of a powerful evil mage who cursed their land bringing the evil winds that kill their sons and prevent ships from returning with food and other precious commodities. Every few years there will be a particularly bad season, where the wind is so strong and the seas so rough that very boats can make it out and of those that do, most end up contributing to the tangled mass of wrecked ships that plague the harbor entrance. It is during those seasons, when food runs low and tensions rise that the townspeople start a hunt for whomever is responsible. Usually, this means spying or searching neighboring houses until an evil mage is found. A trial is then held where the accused must be able to prove to the townspeople that they are not a mage or they will be executed via gallows by sunset. This method of calming the malvente has been quite successful in the past. Assuming there are no other mages, of course.

Other than that, the townspeople are very welcoming to all who visit their town.


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