Shopping list

These are items you are able to purchase while in town.

Weapon List

The stats below are for typical items. There are, of course, variations. A dull long sword might be -1 damage instead while a masterwork dagger could be +1 damage. Consider the following to be stats for typical weapons of their type—a specific weapon could have different tags to represent its features.

Ragged Bow Near, 15 coins, 2 Weight
Fine Bow Near, Far, 60 coins, 2 Weight
Hunter’s Bow Near, Far, 100 coins, 1 Weight
Crossbow Near, 1 piercing, Reload, 35 coins, 3 Weight
Bundle of Arrows 3 Ammo, 1 coin, 1 Weight
Elven Arrows 4 Ammo, 20 coins, 1 Weight
Club, Shillelagh Close, 1 coins, 2 Weight
Staff Close, Two-handed, 1 coins, 1 Weight
Dagger, Shiv, Knife Hand, 2 coins, 1 Weight
Throwing Dagger Thrown, Near, 1 coin, 0 Weight
Short Sword, Axe, Warhammer, Mace Close, 8 coins, 1 Weight
Spear Reach, Thrown, Near, 5 coins, 1 Weight
Long Sword, Battle Axe, Flail Close, 15 coins, 2 Weight
Halberd Reach, Two-handed, 9 coins, 2 Weight
Rapier Close, Precise, 25 coins, 1 Weight
Dueling Rapier Close, 1 piercing, Precise, 50 coins, 2 Weight

Armor List

Leather, Chainmail 1 Armor, Worn, 10 coins, 1 Weight
Scale Mail 2 Armor, Worn, Clumsy, 50 coins, 3 Weight
Plate 3 Armor, Worn, Clumsy, 350 coins, 4 Weight
Shield +1 Armor, 15 coins, 2 Weight

Dungeon Gear

Adventuring Gear 5 Uses, 20 coins, 1 Weight
Adventuring gear is a collection of useful mundane items such as chalk, poles, spikes, ropes, etc. When you rummage through your adventuring gear for some useful mundane item, you find what you need and mark off a Use.

Bandages 3 Uses, Slow, 5 coins, 0 Weight
When you have a few minutes to bandage someone else’s wounds, heal them of 4 damage and expend a use.

Poultices and Herbs 2 Uses, Slow, 10 coins, 1 Weight
When you carefully treat someone’s wounds with poultices and herbs, heal them of 7 damage and expend a use.

Healing Potion 100 coins
When you drink an entire healing potion, heal yourself of 10 damage or remove one debility, your choice.

Bag of Books 5 Uses, 10 coins, 2 Weight
When your bag of books contains just the right book for the subject you’re Spouting Lore on, consult the book, mark off a use, and take +1 to your roll.

Antitoxin 10 coins
When you drink antitoxin, you’re cured of one poison affecting you.

Dungeon Rations Ration, 5 Uses, 3 coins, 1 Weight
Not tasty, but not bad either.

Personal Feast Ration, 1 Use, 10 coins, 1 Weight
Ostentatious to say the least.

Dwarven Hardtack Requires Dwarf, Ration, 7 Uses, 3 coins, 1 Weight
Dwarves say it tastes like home. Everyone else says it tastes like home, if home is a hog farm, and on fire.

Elven Bread Ration, 7 Uses, 10 coins, 1 Weight
Only the greatest of elf-friends are treated to this rare delicacy.

Halfling Pipeleaf 5 Uses, 5 coins, 1 Weight
When you share halfling pipeleaf with someone, expend two uses and take +1 forward to Parley with them.


Oil of Tagit Dangerous, Applied, 15 coins, 0 Weight
The target falls into a light sleep.

Bloodweed Dangerous, Touch, 12 coins, 0 Weight
Until cured, whenever the afflicted rolls damage, they roll an additional d4 and subtract that result from their normal damage.

Goldenroot Dangerous, Applied, 20 coins, 0 Weight
The target treats the next creature they see as a trusted ally, until proved otherwise.

Serpent’s Tears Dangerous, Touch, 10 coins, 0 Weight
Anyone dealing damage against the target rolls twice and takes the better result.


A week’s stay at a peasant inn 14 coins
A week’s stay at a civilized inn 30 coins
A week’s stay at the fanciest inn in town 43 coins
A week’s unskilled mundane labor 10 coins
A month’s pay for enlistment in an army 30 coins
A custom item from a blacksmith Base Item + 50 coins
A night’s “companionship” 20- coins
An evening of song and dance 18 coins
Escort for a day along a bandit-infested road 20 coins
Escort for a day along a monster-infested road 54 coins
A run-of-the-mill killing 5 coins
An assassination 120 coins
Healing from a Chirurgeon 5 coins
A month’s prayers for the departed 1 coins
Repairs to a mundane item 25% of the item’s cost


A hearty meal for one 1 coins
A poor meal for a family 1 coins
A feast 15 coins per person


Cart and Donkey, sworn to carry your burdens 50 coins, Load 20
Horse 75 coins, Load 10
Warhorse 400 coins, Load 12
Wagon 150 coins, Load 40
Barge 50 coins, Load 15
River boat 150 coins, Load 20
Merchant Ship 5,000 coins, Load 200
War Ship 20,000 coins, Load 100
Passage on a safe route 1 coins
Passage on a tough route 10 coins
Passage on a dangerous route 100 coins

Land and Buildings

A hovel 20 coins
A cottage 500 coins
A house 2,500 coins
A mansion 50,000 coins
A keep 75,000 coins
A castle 250,000 coins
A grand castle 1,000,000 coins
A month’s upkeep 1% of the cost


A peasant dowery 20 coins
“Protection” for a small business 100 coins
A government bribe 50 coins
A compelling bribe 80 coins
An offer you can’t refuse 500 coins

Gifts and Finery

A peasant gift 1 coins
A fine gift 55 coins
A noble gift 200 coins
A ring or cameo 75 coins
Finery 105 coins
A fine tapestry 350+ coins
A crown fit for a king 5,000 coins


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